Whee! Look! I am a Navy SEAL...Almost

december 25, 2005

Ok, so I did not join the military. My sister and her husband got me SOCOM Fireteam Bravo for me for Christmas. This is the first SOCOM game for the PSP and it is pretty damned entertaining. I was worried about the control scheme for the game -- since the PSP is missing that second analog controller, and the existing analog controller is not as good as it should be. Those people at Zipper Interactive have figured out a pretty nice control scheme for the PSP version of SOCOM. The main ingredient is target locking. Yes, it sounds bad, but it really isn't. The target locking does not gaurantee a 100% chance of a hit, it all depends on different factors: Are you running? Are you prone? How far is the target? And other things like that. It really works well. I hope in the future more FPS and other shooters adopt a similar system. Anyways, thanks to my sis and her husband for such a cool game to keep me busy with through the holidays! If you're interested in the game, here is a review at Yahoo! Videogames and this one is from Gamespot.

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