Into The Blue

december 30, 2005

The director of Into the Blue, John Stockwell has directed two movies that were pretty decent. Crazy/Beautiful was a pretty good film. And his Blue Crush is on my "Mookie's Classics" list. Last night, I watched Into the Blue with my wife. It was so bad that it was somewhat entertaining. The problem with the film is that it is a stark departure for Stockwell. The previous two films (Crazy and Crush) were grounded in reality with characters that I could believe. Not so with Into the Blue where there are pirates and drug dealers and a lawyer who looks and acts like a comedian. Not to mention the plot-point characters like the cop. It was all too dumb and action driven to be on a likable level. It does not help that Stockwell has good-looking, yet oh-so-bad-acting actors like Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. Alba is eye candy, but the girl cannot act. Walker, well, he is not doing well in the acting department either. The film is a terrible film that seems to move at a pretty slow pace for an action/adventure film. The script is also a culprit. It has some pretty bad lines in it. And there is some cheese in that script which could never be uttered by real people -- and it shows when Alba says one critical line in the movie which evoked some loud laughs from my wife and I (it's basically about love and treasure). Icky, icky script! But, as I said before, it is one of those films that is so bad that it is somewhat entertaining. I can't recommend the film, but if you are one of those people who like to see bad movies from time to time (like me), then it is worth catching if not just for the (not) Oscar-worthy performances by Alba and Walker. I hope Stockwell returns to making real movies like Blue Crush.

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