Flakey DSL Connection

january 2, 2006

My DSL connection is really flakey right now -- has been since late last night. ultramookie.com is probably being affected by the flakiness of the DSL line, so don't be mad at me because it is slow. Although, I probably don't have a huge subscriber base... Anyways, I am pretty sure this nasty weather has something to do with the DSL connectivity issues, so I hope that when the skies clear up, everything will return to normal. Talking about my DSL connection, which is with SBC Yahoo!, what does everyone thing about the name change? SBC bought AT&T and is changing its name from "SBC" to "AT&T". I don't know about the name change, I am kind of fond of the name SBC when compared with AT&T. I mean AT&T harks of the old ages of communication. Yikes. Anyways, what do you think?

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