Social Bookmarking

january 2, 2006 is part of Yahoo!. myweb2 is also a Yahoo! thing. Both of them are social bookmarking sites. What is a social bookmarking site? Well, you use a toolbar (or add a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar) and whenever you find a site/page that is interesting, you click the button. You "save" the bookmark to either or myweb2 with tags so that if later on you want to refind that recipe on BBQ pork, you can quickly do it in either social bookmarking sites. The "social" part comes from the fact that you can share the stuff that you are finding with others. If you are part of Yahoo! 360, all your contacts can see all your public bookmarks in myweb2. Same thing with, but you share with the group of friends and family on that site. Now that I got the explaining part done, I wonder what Yahoo! is going to do with two of the same thing. I hope that Yahoo! lets them run separate -- much like how Yahoo! has two photo sites (Yahoo! Photos and Flickr) and each of them run independently. Yet, I crave to have more bookmarks and links to be shared. This is because myweb2 is so tightly integrated with Yahoo! Search that if I search at myweb2, some pretty damned relevant links show up first from my community, then I get general links. This, I can attest, has helped me find some information faster than if I were to go scrounging around by myself. The relevancy of the links from Yahoo! Search are directly boosted because my community shares much of the same interests as me. So, as much as I want to try, I stick with myweb2 because I have a search engine plus social bookmarking site together. This is one of the times when the Yahoo! product is actually better for me than the acquired product -- whereas with Flickr and Yahoo! Photos, I must say Flickr is so much better. I hope that some of the technology between and myweb2 begin to trickle over to each other -- same with Yahoo! Photos and Flickr. Have you tried a social bookmarking site yet?

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