Sam and Max Hit My Mac!

january 4, 2006

Oh man, oh man! Thank you guys and gals who put out the wonderful ScummVM program! I finally got the chance to go to my parents' place and root around in the garage for my old game CDs. I found two of them, one a real classic! I found Sam & Max Hit the Road, which I really love from the golden days of point and click gaming. Plus, I found The Curse of Monkey Island! I know I have Full Throttle somewhere in those boxes, I'll have to go look for that one next time. Oh! And I also have The Dig somewhere also, that was a good one too! But, these two games should keep me busy for a while. ScummVM is basically a program that runs on multiple platforms (Windows, MacOS X, Linux, Dreamcast, PalmOS, PocketPC, and more) and lets you play your old LucasArts games (or whatever games that used the Scumm engine back in the day). These games are point and click adventure games that made you think. These are not the same as the games nowadays -- no thinking, lots of button mashing -- noooo, these games were really fun because they had a story, good characters, some damn funny dialogue, and were just plain fun. They are much like a comic book come to life, with rich hand drawn graphics (yes, back in the day, people drew games) -- none of the 3D-40-billion-polygon graphics of today's standards. You know what though? For all the stuff that I have for my consoles of today (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PSP, and Gameboy), there aren't any that are as fun and memorable as these old games. It's actually kind of sad. Anyways, if you have these old discs lying around, like I did, try out ScummVM! I am going to try to put Sam & Max on my Treo 600 next! Yay! Not yay on the Treo 600, High-Res is needed -- and my 160x160 does not make ScummVM happy. Oh well, maybe I'll whip out the Tungsten T, which is 320x320 and try it on there! Oh! My Sam & Max Hit the Road CD even has four audio tracks (that I am ripping for my iPod right now)! Whee!

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