The Shield Season Four

january 7, 2006

I finished watching season four of "The Shield". After a somewhat disappointing third season that was mired in the whole Money Train story arc, this fourth season got its groove back. I liked Glenn Close's character and was sad to see her leave -- she made a big impact on the show and was a good foil to the character of Vic Mackey. Anthony Anderson's character was not as notorious as the previous bad guys, but it he was good nevertheless. What I liked about this season were the first eight episodes where Shane was on his own and causes all kinds of problems. It gave the show a different feel -- to have the Strike Team disbanded and to have Vic and Shane going head-to-head. And as strange as it might sound, I was a bit disappointed to see the Strike Team get back together. I wish they would have played up the whole Vic and Shane thing more. Vic's seach for redemption was a theme of this season also. It did not get a lot of screen time, but I am happy to see the character of Vic Mackey facing the consequences of his previous actions. I hope they continue the redemption theme in the current season. I will have to wait until the end of the year to watch the current season as a rental from Netflix. The whole waiting part sounds bad, but it is not. The writers of the show know how to weave a pretty tight story and when the show is watched in a short amount of time, there is a greater impact from the season as a whole. There are hints that this current season maybe the last for The Shield. While I am saddened to hear that, I am also happy. I think a show like The Shield should not be dragged along for too long and should end on a high note.

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