january 8, 2006

I started writing on the internet a long time ago. Back then it was the whole journal thing -- you know the whole "I woke up today, I ate a Sausage Egg McMuffin for breakfast and went to work" thing. That got really old, really quick because...well, that's all I really did. So, my site evolved to me writing about the gadgets and electronic doodads that I got and played with. Well, that was very cool and got lots of hits, but no comments. And I was running a bit dry in the money department because I was buying all the gadgets. All the while, on the side I was running a movie reviews site. That got some comments, but they were usually "Yea, I agree" or "You suck!" type comments. Then I started writing about the news, usually about tech. That really cut the commenting to zero. People got their news from around the internet however they did and seeing it once again on some guys blog really did not entice them to come back -- or to even leave a comment. I noticed that the posts that get all the comments are the ones with my personal experiences -- things like the phone beeping early in the morning, USPS gone crazy on my deliveries, Microsoft service cancellation experiences, and other things like that. I guess that is a hint to me about what is interesting on the site and what is not. Less of the bland stuff that gets all too much gab around the internet (you know all that stuff that gets digg'd), and more about the stuff that people can relate to. Anyways, just a thought. I don't think I'll be doing drastic changes from what I am doing now, but I think I'll be adding a lot more of myself to the postings that I do -- hell, I am ultramookie! What do you think? Why do you visit the site or read the feed?

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