Opera Mini

january 8, 2006

T-Mobile hides lots of things on their phones -- mostly to force T-Mobile customers to use T-Mobile services instead of outside services.  I finally found the time and information for unlocking the hidden menu on my Razr V3 that lets me change the web sessions on my T-Mobile Razr V3.  With that menu unlocked, I was able to setup a web session so that Java apps could use a proxy server.  And then after that was setup, I was able to start using Opera Mini. I must say, Opera Mini is damned cool.  It is a proxied web browser for small devices (like phones).  The proxy fetches web pages, reformats them for a small screen, then sends it over to the device.  It is an ingenious way of making the HTML-based web available to small devices that mostly have WAP browsers built in.  It allows for web surfing on devices that don't have a lot of memory or processing power.  So far, using Opera Mini has been a joy, it brings so many websites to my phone.  I love it.  Oh, and the best part is that Opera Mini is completely free.

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