Mobile TV

january 17, 2006

Russ posted earlier about mobile TV.  He withheld his own opinion (why Russ, why?), but comes to the conclusion that mobile TV is something that is inevitably going to happen.  I will be one of the pundits that Russ writes about.  I don't think mobile TV will work out. Sure, when mobile TV comes out, there will be some whizbang coolness about it.  And I am sure that there will be a part of the population that will love mobile TV (people who use public transportation comes to mind).  But, for the rest of  us?  I don't think so.  Why watch your favorite TV show on a 2.2" screen? And when there are people out there who are happy with their four year old, black and white screen, Nokias out there, I doubt the addition of TV will make them run out and get a new phone.  Look at mobile internet or even mobile music.  It is there, there are techies who use it, but the masses really don't. Mobile TV maybe happening, but I think people will still use their phones as...well...phones.  "There’s tons and tons of companies working on solutions, tons of different ideas out there in terms of content and commercialization, and tons of different paths to the consumer."  I guess fundamentally, I have to ask:  Are they building solutions for problems that don't exist?

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