Bush on Domestic Spying

january 23, 2006

Bush's aides need to stop mouthing off like this...When presidential adviser Dan Bartlett was asked about the illegal domestic spying that President Bush authorized and continues to authorize, he said on ABC's "Good Morning America": "It would be our choice to not to have to talk about this at all." In other words, it would not have been the choice of the Bush administration to have gotten caught for doing something illegal.  Yeesh.

As part of that campaign, presidential adviser Dan Bartlett made a pitch for the surveillance program Monday morning on network television news shows. He insisted that Bush was "not bypassing the law. In fact, we're interpreting the law correctly."
Dan:  This is why there are checks and balances put in place for our government.  That's why we have the courts to interpret the law correctly -- oh, whoops, you guys conveniently forgot to go to the courts, huh?

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