Xbox 360 Shortages

january 25, 2006

Microsoft had planned to have three million Xbox 360s out by the end of February. They have only been able to produce one million so far. And, I think many of the people who have been waiting to get one are starting to come to the same conclusion: Screw this, I am not going to wait anymore. Microsoft has really screwed the pooch on this launch. Their master plan of getting a huge head start over Sony and Nintendo has failed.  This is one of the worst product release plans I have ever seen.

Microsoft "needs to get the supply-and-demand situation nailed real soon," says John Davison, editorial director for Ziff Davis Media's video game industry magazines. "If it drags out much longer, it's just going to promote apathy rather than excitement."
The Xbox 360 shortage is predicted to continue for a while.  Microsoft has no plan on how to increase production and no reason to why production is so bad.  Will Xbox 360 really become the Dreamcast of the Next Gen consoles?

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