january 29, 2006

Update: After some playing with Opera, I am going back to the Gecko-based browsers. Read about why here. I'll stick with Opera Mobile on my Nokia 6682 and Opera Mini on my Motorola Razr though. Ok, I am tired of Firefox crashing at work because of resources. I am tired of Firefox eating up half of my 1GB of RAM on my Powerbook at home -- and then slowing down to a crawl. I ran Camino last week at home and it was fine. I like Camino, very fast. I tried Omniweb 5.1 earlier today and almost switched -- too bad Omniweb bombs when it hits Yahoo! News. I tried Opera on Friday at work on my Windows PC and it worked well. The only thing that didn't work was Tiny Tiny RSS (the RSS aggregator I use). So, today, I installed Feed on Feeds (another RSS aggregator) and switched my Powerbook over to Opera. When I get to work, I'll switch my work PC to Opera as well. My Nokia 6682 has been running Opera Mobile since I got the phone. And my Motorola RAZR is Opera Mini. I had disparaged Opera earlier when they started distributing it for free. Now I am finding that maybe it is the web browser that I will be using across all the platforms I digitally live in! There are some things that I need to get used to. For instance: CTRL-T (and CMD-T on Mac) does not open a new tab like in Firefox! CTRL-N (and CMD-N on Mac) does the new tab opening. The formatting bar shows up in Wordpress, so I can use that. But, WYSIWYG mode does not work in Wordpress. Either I haven't figured it out yet, or it can't be done: The toolbars are in a different order than in Firefox. In Firefox, I had it: Address bar, Bookmarks bar, and Tabs bar. In Opera, it seems to be stuck at: Bookmarks bar, Tabs bar, and Address bar. Maybe they can be moved, maybe someone can leave a comment. I will give Opera a really good try across all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux and Symbian). I have to switch my home Windows XP notebook over to Opera. And my home Linux notebook will get an install of Opera also. We'll see how this all goes!

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