Small Websites, Ads, Worth It?

january 31, 2006

So, I am taking part in the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta. I have no dreams of becoming a big blogger and I don't confuse myself as one either. This site gets an average of 1000 visitors a day. Because of the way I filter out who sees ads and who does not, I only display an average of 240 or so ads a day. Those that I figure won't click ads (regular visitors) don't see ads. Those that I figure may click ads (people coming from search engines) see ads. That all translates into -- for the five month period I have been running ads -- about 35 cents a day in earnings. So, is it worth it to run ads for $10.50 a month? It is enough to pay for hosting (if I had the site hosted outside). It is probably enough to pay for the electricity to run the server. But, is it worth it?

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