I Want A Slingbox!

february 6, 2006

Man, I wish I was like Russ.  Slingbox contacted him to see if he wanted a unit to try out.  I wish I had hardware companies willing to send me stuff to try out.  I end up buying stuff to try out and returning it if I don't like it.  Not a bad way to do it, but still very time consuming -- it does get me all sorts of angry looks from the people at the return counter at Fry's. So, Slingbox or any other hardware company out there (um, Nokia, Apple, and Sony are a few off the top of my head), if you want me to write about your product, send me hardware!  I can't promise a positive review, but an unbiased review is something that I am willing to write.  So, please, puh-leeeease, send me something! When I used to do movie reviews, I got screeners from studios all the time (thanks especially to Lions Gate) for review.  I wish hardware companies were that generous.

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