What Are We In The Business Of Doing?

february 7, 2006

I can just hear this in the Google planning room: Exec 1: What are we in the business of doing? Exec 2: Selling ads. Exec 1: Exactly! But, how do we sell more ads? Exec 2: *Shrugs* Exec 1: Well, Mr. PhD Engineer? PhD: We have been working on this problem for a while now sir. We think we know how to squeeze a few more ads in front of the user. Exec 1: Great! How? PhD: We force them to disable their AdBlock extension in Firefox! Exec 2: That is brilliant! Exec 1: Absolutely ground-shattering! But, how do you do that? PhD: Lets integrate our chat client into our webmail client. Exec 1: Ok. Then? PhD: Then integrate some code into the web chat client that will crash any Firefox client running AdBlock! Exec 2: Holy crap! Give this man a raise! Exec 1: But, won't we make end users mad? PhD: Of course not! We will just put up a help page that tells them that they can either use our mail and chat client, or their Firefox will crash. Exec 1: Promote this man! He is godly!

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