TV Highlights and...Well, Lows...

february 8, 2006

This week's episode of Lost was one great episode. The Sawyer character has so much depth, and I am glad the writers of the show are now mining this depth to bring better stories. The episode was very carefully penned and led us down a road where what seemed right was, well, completely wrong. I really enjoyed this episode after the last few slower episodes. I like how the writers have restrained from overusing The Others. I hope they continue to use such restraint because The Others are not nearly as interesting as the characters from Flight 815. I really did love this episode, it is one of the best of the season so far. It is the pinnacle of multiple story arcs throughout the two Lost seasons. Kudos to the Lost writers. Now, on the flip side of the coin. Battlestar Galactica started off its season 2.5 with a huge bang and has now fallen into a rut. The last three episodes have been mediocre and poorly written.  The BSG writers need to stop using the "a few hours/days ago" device.  I think it was the last three episodes that have employed this device.  They start out with something near the end of the episode, then flashback and start telling the story.  This is a sign of lazy screenwriting, and to do it three episodes in a row is just plain bad.  Please, I ask of you BSG writers:  Return to the writing style that you had before.  Bring in the drama without the cheezy use of flashbacks.

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