Breitling In For Battery, Seiko Arrives

february 10, 2006

Seiko Black Monster
Yesterday, I was looking at the Breitling Avenger M1 that my father-in-law gave to me as a gift after I asking his daughter to marry me. The second hand was not moving, and I knew: The battery inside was dead. Eileen and I went to Davidson & Licht (where the watch was purchased) at Valley Fair last night to get the battery replaced. They are sending it away to get the battery replaced and get a pressure check. Hopefully, they won't have my watch for long (or lose it!). That's the best watch in my collection! The Seiko SKX779 (aka "Black Monster") that I orderd from WatchPavilion arrived yesterday (see picture above). It's really nice! The order came with a free watch resizing kit, so I didn't have to take it to the mall to get it resized. I resized it myself -- which was surprisingly easy to do. Anyways, I got an Invicta 2248 a while back and it is also a really nice watch, but I have a hard time wearing it. It looks too fancy to wear on a day-to-day basis -- I work at a .com and I dress really casual everyday (jeans and t-shirt), so a shiny fancy looking watch like the 2248 doesn't really fit. So, I got the Black Monster because it is more casual. I found the Black Monster while doing research before buying the 2248. The Black Monster lives up to its name. It is huge. The only thing bigger is my Breitling. It is heavy because it is stainless steel. And it is really cool. I love the dial and hands because they are really easy to read -- and the Lumibrite glows REALLY bright at night. The one thing that I like a lot is the clasp with push button release. This makes the watch very secure, yet easy to take off when I want to. My Citizen Eco-Drive has this feature also and I love that watch because of it. My Breitling doesn't have this feature, but the clasp is secure yet easy to open (is that a contradiction?). The Invicta has the hardest clasp to open, it is not push button, but it is VERY secure to the point of hurting my finger nail when I try to pry it open -- I hope that thing loosens up after a while. The Black Monster is my second automatic watch. I drove my wife nuts with my 2248 because I was winding it every night (the power reserve is short on the 2248, so I either have to wear it or wind it daily). Now, I have a second automatic, and the Black Monster can't be wound by the stem, so I have to wear it or shake it to keep it running. Heh.  More pictures here.

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