Razr vs. 6682

february 10, 2006

Eeks!  I came home tonight with the intention of switching from my Nokia 6682 over to my Motorola Razr.  I iSync'd my 6682 and cleared out the photos from the phone.  I popped the SIM out and put it into my Razr and iSync'd that (you gotta love iSync).  But, the SIM is back in my 6682!  (Sounds familiar, huh?  Like what happened with my Treo.)  I don't think I'll be selling off my Razr anytime soon, it is one of those iconic phones like the old StarTac.  But, I was quite stunned by the Motorola UI.  It is horrific when compared with the UIs of Samsung and Nokia phones.  Motorola may have the beauty on the outside, but they have some serious work to do on the inside.  Oh wells, I know I will definitely use the Razr later on -- just not now.

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