Yay! Camino 1.0 Released!

february 14, 2006

Wow!  I remember using and testing Camino for years now.  I never thought a 1.0 would come to light after the project quieted down, but then it picked up more speed and developers.  And today is a big day!  Camino 1.0 has been released!  That is great news for the Mac community.  Camino is a Gecko-powered browser built specifically for Mac OS X.  Unlike its big brother Firefox for Mac OS X, Camino is faster, it has native widgets, and well, did I mention it is FASTER?  I'll see about playing around with the release version tonight.  I have been using Firefox for Mac OS X for a while now, but maybe I'll switch back over to Camino now that it has finally gone 1.0!

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