Layout Changes

february 15, 2006

I made some minor layout changes -- hell most of you probably will not notice -- but just wanted to document them for my own sanity. I removed the "previous" and "next" article navigating thingies from the template for single article display. It was distracting and left a lot of weird whitespace between the header and the content. I removed the ad that displayed between the header and the content. Unless you are coming from an outside source, you will not notice this change. When I was checking out how ads were affecting the layout of the site -- like for people who are coming from search engines -- the ad at the top plus the ad between the content and the comments box really ruined the look of the page. This looked even worse for pages with short postings -- it basically looked like a page with two ads. Most terrible. I do not make that much money from the ads anyways, so losing the top one will not cut into my "earnings". I think by removing the ad from between the header and the content will improve the first impression of the site for those coming from search engines. I don't want people to come to the site and get the reaction that it is only here to sell ads. That's it for changes. Like I said, most of you won't notice them.

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