Wal-Mart's Values...

february 15, 2006

Hey, it's been a while since I bashed wrote about Wal-Mart, so I figured it is about time to do another Wal-Mart posting. Wal-Mart has just been told to stock the morning-after pill. A Wal-Mart spokesperson says that Wal-Mart "chooses not to carry many products for business reasons" -- after working with the company, I can say it is really not about business reasons, rather it is about Wal-Mart trying to force their whacked moral visions on those that shop at their stores. "Whacked?" You might ask. Well, yes. Here, let me lay it out. Wal-Mart won't stock morning-after pill -- oh no! Baby Killing! Wal-Mart won't stock music with "questionable" lyrics -- oh no! That would corrupt the children! Wal-Mart won't stock violent videogames -- oh no! That would make children want to kill things! Wal-Mart won't stock videogames with sexual content in them (Grand Theft Auto anyone?) -- oh no! Kids? Sexual content in videogames? But hey, Wal-Mart will stock cigarettes -- whee! Nothing like lung cancer and second hand smoke.  Second hand smoke will kill kids slowly, that seems to be better in Wal-Mart's eyes.  Wal-Mart will stock an assortment of firearms -- whee! Violence on ducks (or insert your favorite animal here, Bambi anyone?) is not really important to Wal-Mart. And hey, people won't shoot each other with these things right?  Wal-Mart will stock Barska SWAT Tactical Scopes -- whee! Nothing like hunting a duck SWAT-style! Wal-Mart will stock R-rated movies with violence, sex and bad language -- whee! See because sex and violence in the movies is different from sex and violence in music and videogames.  Bad language in movies is OK, but bad language in music is not. Anyone else find this company a little...hypocritical...or schizophrenic? Wal-Mart's morals are questionable if you ask me.

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