february 20, 2006

I couldn't resist and got two more games for my DS collection. I added Animal Crossing and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The former I wanted to get in order to check out the Nintendo WiFi Connection stuff. I am slowly building up a town and hopefully I will get some friend codes from others. The only way to visit other people's towns is the get their friend code, name and town name. So, here is my info, let me know yours. I got the Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time because the prequel to this game on the GBA (Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga) was one of my favorite games. It had lots of humor, good puzzles and was in general a very engaging game. I have only played a little bit (half an hour or so) of the new "Partners in Time" game, but it is looking like a lot of what I loved about the original -- and there is new stuff like the two babies, new moves, and other stuff. I can't wait to play it more.

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