february 21, 2006

Forget you Firefox 1.5.x for Mac OS X.  Camino 1.0 for Mac OS X is the quickest, fastest, and most beautiful browser for the platform. It beats out Firefox (ugly with no Aqua), Safari (broke on some sites) and Opera (broke on a lot more sites than Safari). When CamiTools is added to Camino, things get even better! Bookmarks can get sycn'd to an FTP site. Ads get blocked. Performance gets tuned. And best of all, the default search engine can get changed (hello, Yahoo!). It is even a Universal Binary for all of you lucky Intel Mac owners! With that big security hole in Safari, it is best if you switched browsers for the time being, or if you really like Camino, just switch completely. It is well worth the switch. Camino is the best browser for Mac OS X!

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