Nintendo Revolution

february 21, 2006

Ok, I don't know what's going on, but Nintendo is really starting to look like the next gen console that I'll be picking up. The Xbox 360 Platinum costs $400 and Microsoft can't seem to make them. Xbox 360 at this point is so passe, it is last year's system. Microsoft started with a bang and then ran out of steam. Their "shortage" is now driving people (like myself) to look at the other two consoles, which brings me to Sony. Sony just may have their own "shortage" of their own. And a shortage may not be the only problem that Sony will have with the PS3. Gamespot is reporting that the cost of producing the PS3 will come to between $795-900 a unit -- the costliest parts of the unit being the Cell Processor and the Blu-Ray drive. They report that Microsoft loses between $100-125 per Xbox 360 unit sold. If that were true and Sony wanted to match it, the lowest price of a PS3 would be $699. Is Sony serious? On top of that, there maybe a delay in the PS3 launch -- Fall 2006 for Japan and early 2007 for the US. So, that brings me to the Nintendo Revolution. The Revolution is going to come out for "less than $300", and the rumor is that it will come out at around $200. Yes, the Revolution might not be as powerful as the Xbox 360 or PS3 (it only has one processor). But, it doesn't cost as much and the system will definitely have some unique games (as witnessed with the GameCube, DS and GameBoy Advance). The controller is also something cool, it is a good departure from the current field of D-pad, analog mushrooms and buttons. But, then there is the Virtual Console! The ability to download and play old Nintendo games, that is pretty awesome. Anyways, between Microsoft and Sony's screw ups, Nintendo -- the current underdog -- may just come out on top of the next gen gaming scene. Nintendo Revolution maybe the next gen gaming console that I pick up. They have all the right ingredients.

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