Nintendo WFC

february 21, 2006

I was looking at the packets that went out of my network when I hooked up into Nintendo WiFi Connection and started to play a game of MarioKart DS. I was a bit surprised by something that I found. First, the not so surprising stuff: The DS logs into a server via SSL. Here's what surprised me, after the login, all the packets wetn to a server, which seemed to be the actual backend for matching up of players. After players are matched, all traffic goes peer-to-peer between the players. Anyhoo, that is what I found out while waiting for JR to fix up his $7 USB WiFi adapter. Since we still aren't racing, I think he still has no joy with the WiFi adapter. Oh! I got my first win in MarioKart DS also! Yay! That's one win...uhm...ahem...three losses. Anyways, I got a win! Who wants to race me? Here's my MarioKart DS Friend Code: 197634 051771.

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