Yahoo! Go

february 25, 2006

The Register posted a scathing review of Yahoo! Go.  Is Yahoo! Go worth the beat up that was dealt out by The Register?  No.  Yahoo! Go is a first release and it definitely needs work, but for what it is, it is still pretty cool.  That said, I have to admit that I did install it on my Nokia 6682 -- and then after a few hours, I uninstalled it.  The biggest reason for uninstalling it was because I don't have the full data package from T-Mobile, so I was unable to take advantage of all the features.  I did like what I saw, but I can't speak to it fully because I did not have the full experience. I did find some niggling annoyances with it though.  The installation uses SMS to verify my account, that's fine, but I don't like burning my SMS allowance on verification.  I mean, what?  I am going to install this on someone else's phone and let them login as me?  The photos that were sync'd went to Yahoo! Photos instead of Flickr.  I don't use Yahoo! Photos because Flickr is superior.  Yahoo! Go defaults (and sticks) with the Nokia Web Browser, I like Opera.  Anyways, I like I said, it's still a first release.  It will get better with future releases.

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