Oblivious to the Obvious?

march 5, 2006

Is it me or are people nowadays getting more and more oblivioius to the obvious? My wife gets a call from a strange number on her mobile phone.  She picks up.  The person asks for some person we don't know.  My wife tells the person, "Sorry, but you have the wrong number."  The person on the other end starts arguing with my wife that the person is there.  Huh? I go to Macy's to get new clothes.  I pick out a few nice shirts that I want to try on (including a Brazillian soccer jersey, ha).  I walk into the fitting room and the person in there asks me, "Do you want to try those on?"  Ugh. There are other examples that I can't dredge up from memory right now, but I do think that people are becoming more oblivious to the obvious nowadays.

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