OpenSUSE Update

march 11, 2006

Well, I am still using and loving OpenSUSE 10.0. It has everything that I need (office suite, a web browser, command-line, chat, image editor, DVD player, and CD burner) and it all works -- and it is all free. It runs great on my old hardware (Athlon 4 1Ghz, 384MB RAM) -- this hardware would have a hard time running Windows XP (and I can't imagine it surviving Windows Vista). I figure if I weren't a Mac user, I'd probably be an OpenSUSE user. My Powerbook is still my favorite because I love the Mac OS, but OpenSUSE (and Linux in general) makes for a damn good secondary machine. It is too bad that Linux has not gotten out into the general public as well as it should be. If it did, it could definitely give Microsoft a big headache.

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