The New Black is Black

march 11, 2006

Black by Criterion (those fellows that brought us the Burnout series) is one hell of a shooter.  Burnout is racing games boiled down to the adrenaline rush of just racing.  Black is first-person shooters boiled down to just shooting.  I have gotten through the first three levels (about two and a half hours of play) and I must say, this is a fantastic shooter.  This is gun pronography, it looks good, it sounds good, and it shoots good.  Fun and what a rush!  It isn't flawless (like there is no quick save in this game, and levels seem to be about an hour long), but it is well worth the play.  I got the Playstation 2 version since it has been made abundantly clear that the Xbox 360 will not play the Xbox version of Black (and Microsoft is lagging on updating their compatibility engine).

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