Gaming Patterns

march 12, 2006

Hmm...I gamed for most of today and I found a pattern... I started with the non-violent, rather relaxing Animal Crossing: Wild World. How can you not love a game that turns the mundane (pulling weeds) into something entertaining? I even got online and met Keelan (from the comments in this post) who gave me a golden shovel and lots of Bells. Then, I moved onto something a little less relaxing, though very stress relieving: Black. Black has is a serious fetish for guns. Its menu screens show off some serious firepower. And when the game gets going, there is nothing like the familiar boom of an AK-47 or the ffffump of a silenced Heckler and Koch MP5! Of course, after spending an hour blowing shtuff up and getting all worked up, I needed some reprieve from the adrenaline and testosterone rush... Back to...Animal Crossing and picking weeds, gathering apples, gathering sea shells, and shaking trees for money. After a while of this, I am all mellowed out, I go back to Black and blow some more shtuff up.  Rinse, wash and repeat.  What a day of gaming...

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