PS3 in November

march 15, 2006

Sony has announced that the PS3 will be arriving in November 2006.  It will launch almost simultaneously in Japan, North America and Europe and Sony plans to produce one million units per month.  What is screwing Sony's launch schedule (I find some serious irony in this):  "Kutaragi blamed the delay on the belated finalization of the copy protection technology standard for the Blu-ray Disc drive, a next-generation DVD player that will be included in the PS3." That is right, it is happening all over again.  How did Sony lose the portable digital music player market to Apple?  Sony got delayed while developing a copy protection scheme (the horrible ATRAC3) for digital music.  Now comes this news about the PS3 being delayed because of the finalization of a copy protection scheme.  Seems like Sony will never learn.  At least Sony does have some leeway here, since Microsoft flubbed their launch of the Xbox 360.  I don't know how much that will gain Sony in the long run.

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