Metroid Prime Hunters (and Friend Code)

march 23, 2006

I picked up Metroid Prime Hunters for my Nintendo DS today at Target. I have tried it out and it is pretty damned good. I am still trying to get used to the stylus plus d-pad control scheme. I think that once I get the hang of the control scheme, it will be a lot better than the one-analog stick plus four face button scheme of PSP FPS games. Sony really screwed up by not putting two analog sticks on the PSP. At least with the touch sensitive screen, Nintendo DS FPS games can have something really close to a keyboard plus mouse style FPS control scheme of PC games (which give accuracy and speed). Anyways, if you want to shoot it out with me in Metroid Prime Hunters on NintendoWifi, then here is my Friend Code information: Hunter Name: mookie Friend Code: 1503-9154-9734 Leave your friend code in the comments! See you online!

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