Flickr Losing Photos?

march 26, 2006

Update: From the hard working Flickr folks: [T]his is a temporary problem and resolves itself in a few minutes for each group of photos. We are taking servers out of production one at a time to upgrade them. When we take one out, a few minutes elapse before its brethen notice and start doing its work. They'll all be done in about 20 minutes. (Posted at 9:06pm, 26 March 2006 PST) I know Flickr is still listed as "beta" (which it shouldn't be since it has been in beta for a long time now), but has anyone else been experiencing random losses of pictures lately? In the last week, two pictures have gone missing from Flickr and have not returned (only to be replaced with a "Image Unavailable" placeholder). I have one that disappeared a while back and continues to have the "Image Unavailable" placeholder. Yes, I know you're in beta Flickr, but this type of thing is a little annoying. Thank goodness I have good backups of my photos (and who wouldn't?) and can re-upload them. So, I just wanted to put out the question: Have you lost any photos on Flickr recently?

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