RAZR + iSync = Data Loss

march 28, 2006

Last night when I got home, I wanted to give my old boss Don a call. I flipped open my RAZR and found that I had his mobile number and called it. Unfortunately, Don is having some problems porting his number from Verizon over to Sprint, so his mobile was not working. It was late, so he was not at work either. So, I went to call his home, but the number was not in my RAZR. Doh! I opened up my Powerbook G4 and started up AddressBook to get Don's number. It was not in there either! Something had erased the number! Looking at some of the other entries, I found that there were other numbers missing from other contacts. I figured that iSync had lost track of numbers because of all the synchronizations I had been doing between the RAZR, 6682 and AddressBook. I got a backup of my contacts off a DVD and restored everything -- and printed a copy for safe keeping, strange how I have to keep an analog copy also for security. I went into the iSync preferences and changed the warning threshold for changes from 25% to 0% so that I could be alerted to all changes during synchronizations. I reset my RAZR (through iSync) and copied all my calendars and contacts back over fresh. I did not make any changes today to my contacts or my calendar, and when I went to sync my RAZR with my Powerbook, iSync complained that I had five contact changes and one calendar change! WTF? iSync did not let me reconcile the changes or even see what the changes were. All it let me do was accept the changes blindly or cancel the sync altogether. I let the sync complete and went to look at Don's entry and found that...his home phone number was gone! And the other four contacts were the same ones that had missing information before. I cannot figure out why this has happened, but my guess is that the RAZR's phonebook can only hold three different types of contact information per name. All the contacts that had missing information had at least four different types of contact information in AddressBook (for instance I have an email address, work number, mobile number, and home number for Don). Or maybe the RAZR cannot handle the different types of numbers? I am not sure, I just know that information got lost. I am sure that the information was lost during sync from Mac to RAZR. Then when I did the second sync, iSync figured I had deleted the information from the RAZR and when ahead and did the same in the Addressbook. Anyways, if you are syncing your RAZR with your Mac, be aware that you may have lost some information. Be careful with your information and have long term backups -- not just rolling backups.

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