People Should Exercise Common Sense

march 29, 2006

Maybe this is asking too much, but can people just exercise some common sense? Can some people please stop suing because of the dumb shit they do to themselves? Cripes people, try to take care of yourself. Check out this guy. Apple has released new iPod firmware that lets people lock the volume of the iPods to something lower than the "I'll lose my hearing" setting. Now, it would be common sense to, uh, not turn up the volume too loud -- since common sense dictates that you'll lose your hearing from loud crap. This new firmware was made because a Louisiana man filed a lawsuit which claims that the iPod will cause hearing lose if it is listened to at 115 decibels for more than 28 seconds a day. What is 115 decibels? 115 decibels is the same amount of sound as putting your ear next to a car horn and having someone let loose on the horn.  If you're dumb enough to listen to your iPod (or whatever other music player) at 115 decibels, feel free to lose your hearing thank you very much. Why is it that we people who exercise common sense always have to be affected by what the dumb asses out there do?  Stop trying to protect the stupid.  Let them hurt, maim, or kill themselves in whatever way they want -- they deserve it.

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