Nintendo WiFi is Brilliant!

march 30, 2006

I have already been having fun on Nintendo Wifi Connection. But, it has all been rather anonymous -- playing MarioKart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters and a dabble of Animal Crossing: Wild World with strangers. Don't get me wrong, it is pretty fun to shoot it out with someone in Metroid Prime Hunters, but there are some seriously cool features that open up when you play with friends. JR got his Nintendo WFC working finally, so of course I was going to get him to play games with me. Well, first my wife got to play some Animal Crossing: Wild World with him. They exchanged gifts and fruit (we still owe ya some apples and cherries JR). Ran around and explored each others towns and houses. It was good simple fun. When I finally got my hands on the Nintendo DS, I played Metroid Prime Hunters and MarioKart DS with JR. Now that was pretty damned fun. The best technical feature that we discovered -- and is only available for games between friends -- is the voice-over-IP (VoIP) functionality of Metroid Prime Hunters. The VoIP functionality only works between people who have exchanged Friend Codes. It works really well, and since the DS has both a mic and speakers, there is no extra hardware needed for this functionality (unlike how VoIP works on the PSP). The games were extremely fun and exciting. I am still miffed that I got inked at the finish line in MarioKart DS and spun myself out, only to lose that race to JR! Why that dirty JR! Anyways, I commend Nintendo for putting together a unified hub for gamers -- and to provide it for free (unlike Xbox Live). The whole Friend Code thing is a hassle only to begin with, but it does make gaming a lot safer for all of us. Now, I gotta get a few more Friend Codes punched into my DS so that I can play others!  I also have to convince some of my family and friends to get themselves a Nintendo DS so that we can all have some gaming fun.  And I must organize some friends to start playing online together.  Wednesday night gaming anyone?

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