What is Up With Entertainment Companies?

april 4, 2006

UMD, downloadable movies, and now downloadable music. I wonder what is going on with the entertainment industry, have they lost their minds? Nope, they haven't. They have lost touch with the consumers who buy their products. And the consumers who buy their products have lost their sensibilities -- almost. UMD movies costing 33% more than the DVD versions, consumers thought it was stupid and now UMD movies are on their last leg. Downloadable movies that cost twice as much as their DVD version. That will go nowhere. Downloadable music? The music industry wants to jack up the prices! The music industry is pressuring Apple to raise the prices of downloads from 99 cents per song. They already make 70 cents out of the 99 cents per song. If this is not a sign of a greed, then I don't know what is. Do the music execs understand that if the prices go up, people will just go somewhere else to find music? That somewhere else will probably not be a legit place either. I have blogged about this before and I think it is common sense. Take your profits and be happy music industry, stop trying to be greedy. If the movie and music industry do not get the idea soon, people will start to look for other avenues of getting entertainment. I am not just talking about illegal downloading. The pipes going into people's homes are wide now, they can find all sorts of material generated by other users. Some of this stuff is pretty damned good, and I am sure people will start finding it. All of this overpricing greed will backfire on the entertainment industry. It is only a matter of when the consumer will finally get fed up.

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