Why'd You Stop Watching Baseball?

april 5, 2006

Don't ask me why all these greed stories are coming up lately. But, next time you have to pay $100 just to bring your family of four to a baseball game and sit in the crappiest seats in the house, remember this: "Baseball's average salary soared 9 percent this year to nearly $2.9 million, with Alex Rodriguez ($25.7 million) topping a sport in which more than half the players on opening-day rosters make $1 million or more." Why do these whinging people need to be paid this much money? All they do is: Hit ball with stick, run around in circles, catch ball with mitt, and throw ball around. Are they saving the world? Nope. Creating the cure for cancer? Nope. Teaching our kids? Nope -- well, kind of, if you take for example Barry Bonds, he's teaching our kids that: Lying is OK, drugs are OK, and who needs school when you can play ball for a $20 million contract? Isn't that enough to make you stop watching baseball? Think about the paycheck of the players you're watching next time you're at a baseballl game -- the next time you shell out $25 per crappy seat, $8 for a tasteless hotdog and $10 for that plastic cup full of beer.

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