Counter-Strike on PSP?

april 6, 2006

Nah, but SOCOM: Fire Team Bravo's online play really reminds me of Counter-Strike. I used to play Counter-Strike all the time online back in the day. It was pretty fun. The style of run-and-gun, respawning, and weapon selection really made the game fun. SOCOM plays a lot like that, but with one difference: target-locking. As bad as it may sound, target-locking is not that bad. It does make the game a bit easier to play, especially for non-hardcore players like myself. Metroid Prime Hunters is another online FPS, but it is majorly hard because there is no target-locking. I end up shooting all over the place like a spastic retard. At least with SOCOM I can come in second without too much practice. I really love the silenced M1A4 M4A1 in SOCOM. Fun, fun, fun online!

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