Nintendo DS Download Station

april 9, 2006

Nintendo seems to keep getting it right with their Nintendo DS handheld.  I have been reading and hearing about the Nintendo DS Download Station for a while now.  A DS Download Station is basically a WiFi station where you can download demos and trailers directly onto your Nintendo DS handheld.  Play the demo as much as you like, turn off your DS and the demo is gone -- and you can get another. It looks like Nintendo has gotten Best Buy to sign up to be a DS Download Station store.  GameCrazy is another store where you can find a DS Download Station.  What can you get from a DS Download Station currently?  Demos of:  Brain Age, MarioKart DS, True Swing Golf, Tetris DS, Meteos and Pokemon Trozei.  A trailer of:  Metroid Prime Hunters. The DS Download Station benefits everyone involved.  The consumer gets to test out a game before they buy it.  The store hosting the DS Download Station gets more foot traffic from customers.  And Nintendo, well they win with software and with publicity. The DS Download Station is yet another win for Nintendo, right after their free WiFi access at McDonalds, and the awesome free NintendoWiFi Connection.  One really has to wonder what Sony is going to do to counter all of this.

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