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april 13, 2006

I came home today to a surprise from the wife! She had picked up Kingdom Hearts II for me! Yay! I played the first one, almost all the way through, and loved it. I was telling her the other day that I wanted the new Kingdom Hearts game for my Game Boy Advance (the GBA game is the filler story between the first and the second PS2 games). She went to EB to get the game for me as a surprise, but the sales guy sold her the PS2 version instead of the GBA version. Which is great because the PS2 version is so cool! I'll probably get the GBA version later on to see what happened between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, but for right now I am deep into Kingdom Hearts II. The production values in this game are so high! Not only are the visuals fantastic, but the voice acting -- by some major names (check out the credits) -- are also top notch. I spent almost five hours today playing this game (yikes!) and have yet to scratch the surface. The game is a great mix of cinematics and gameplay. A lot of the time I'll be sitting back, watching the cinematics and enjoying the story. The gameplay is a lot of button mashing and is great fun. And this still goes to show how much life is still left in the PS2.  And soon with a price drop from $149 to $129, the PS2 is still a great console for gaming. Thanks honey for a fun game!

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