Microsoft to Pirates: Feel Free to Use OS...

april 13, 2006

Weird...Microsoft says to pirates: Feel free to use Windows Vista, but just don't use the fancy Aero interface. Huh? Apparently, if you have a pirated copy of Windows Vista (whenever Microsoft gets around to releasing it), the Aero interface (that resource hungry "fancy" UI) will not work because your Windows is not "genuine". Hello...That is Microsoft telling people that they can happily pirate a copy of Windows Vista to use -- it is Microsoft's way of getting Vista into the general public and maintaining their marketshare. Why? If Microsoft can detect that Vista is not "genuine" and shut down Aero, then they sure as hell can also shutdown use of the OS. But, Microsoft won't do that. They have too much competition. Linux for free on one side. The gorgeous Mac OS X and similarly gorgeous Mac hardware on the other. Not to mention OSs not being that relevant anymore as everything moves towards a browser-based world. So, how does Microsoft keep people using their OS? Don't squeeze too hard. If it is not "genuine" that's OK, those people just can't use the fancy features or the online updating. Feel free to pirate a copy of Windows Vista, is what Microsoft is telling everyone.

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