Old Skool Gaming

april 15, 2006

When Eileen is playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on our Nintendo DS, I found a new hobby: Playing old skool games on my Nintendo Gameboy Micro. I am surprised at the quality and lasting power of older games. This is not nostalgia talking either. I have the "new" Atari 2600, which is cool and all, but I can tell you nostalgia alone can't make me play those old games for a long time. I played for a few minutes the night I got the system, and then boxed it up and put it away. Those games were fun and cool when they were released because there was nothing better. But, there are some old games that are just fun, no matter what else has come after them. I am playing the two old Mario games, the original Super Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers 2. They are a blast! Especially the second one. Maybe it is just because I grew up playing the games, but they are a lot of fun! There's not much like them anymore nowadays. I mean, everyone seems to be caught up in the whole "my game has better textures, more polygons, and awesome graphics" thing. It is not like they are going for the fun-factor anymore. A good example is Black, which I am currently stuck on the third to last mission. The game looks great, sounds great, but lacks that "fun". I can understand why Nintendo is going to be putting a virtual console inside the Revolution: People like me, who love old skool gaming, will just go nuts over being able to play those old games on my high def TV.

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