$14 Mont Blanc

april 20, 2006

$14 Mont Blanc
Ok, I saw this the other day. It's like 12 steps to "hacking" a pen to be a Mont Blanc. What it really boils down to (and you probably don't need to visit that site) is:
  1. Find a Pilot G2-refill compatible pen (Dr. GRIP, G2, G2 Pro, etc).
  2. Buy a $5 Mont Blanc refill.
  3. Cut about 1/8" off the top of the Mont Blanc refill to match the length of the G2 refill.
  4. Use Mont Blanc refill in the Pilot G2-refill compatible pen.
Not bad, use the heart of a $200 pen in the shell of a $9 pen. I did it with a Dr. GRIP ltd. and it works great. I can understand why people like writing with Mont Blancs, at least the ink side I can understand. Not sure about the $195 pen casing that comes with the $5 refill.

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