Did You Hear Something?

april 20, 2006

So, I am sitting in the livingroom updating the Fedora Core 5 installation that I just put on my notebook (fabulous release, by the way) when I hear a...buzzzzzzz... I looked around the room all cornfused, it sounded like a bee or a wasp or something. But, how could one of those get into the house? And then I saw it, a bee or wasp or something was buzzing around the room! The horror! Of course, I ran screaming through the house to grab my wife, who is more brave than I when it comes to pests. We tried really hard to get the bee to fly out the front door, but it was too dumb. It keep trying to "fly towards the light" -- which was our skylight. So, given that we gave it a good chance to escape newspaper death, I swatted it and...err...pushed its limp body out the door. Done. Kinda. Eileen started playing Animal Crossing and I was still waiting for the FC5 update to finish. We were talking about balloons and stuff when we hear...gasp...Another buzzing noise! I should have figured. Bees don't go flying around by themselves -- it's like what Han Solo observed about lone Tie Fighters flying around. There must be an Imperial Star Destroye--I mean bee hive somewhere around our house. Putting our ears to the chimney we were shocked. There it was a cacaphony of buzzing -- much like how Wall Street gets when an internet company announces good earnings. Ugh. There are mf'ing bees in the chimney! I always hear Clark Pest Control commercials on the radio with their tag line "Clark We Need You." Bullshit. I called Clark and they said they would only help us if we had a contract with them. Bah! Clark, screw you. We found a local pest control place that is willing to do a one time job. They will be here between two and four this afternoon. Hopefully, they can get rid of the bees!

Update:  The pest control guy said that there was a "small nest" up in the chimney.  He got rid of it and sprayed some stuff up there.  He told us to keep the fireplace sealed with plastic for the week.

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