april 30, 2006

Russ asked me a few days ago what "Panama" was and I told him.  If you're curious to what Yahoo!s "Panama" project is, I can't tell you, but BusinessWeek is running an article that tells you about "Panama" and about Microsoft's adCenter -- and in the larger scope, what "Panama" and adCenter are aimed at doing.
Yahoo lurched into action, shoveling engineers and research dollars into a massive project for an overhaul of every aspect of its search-ad business, from the underlying hardware and software to the methods and algorithms used to select the most lucrative ads. Code-named "Panama" for its goal of narrowing the gap between the competing ad networks, the project has pulled in hundreds of Yahoo specialists, many of whom constantly shuttle back and forth between advertising offices in Pasadena, Calif., and the Silicon Valley headquarters. "It has been the single most important project inside Yahoo over the past two years," says Ali Diab, a former Yahoo executive who left in January to join investment bank Roth Capital Partners LLC.
That is a pretty good description.  I don't know where most of that information came from (was it all from Ali Diab?), but that is about right.  The article from BusinessWeek is yet-another-we-love-Google article that BusinessWeek seems to love to run.  But, it does give some decent information and is worth a read. It is strange how as Google is starting to become Yahoo! in 2000, Yahoo! is trying to become more of Google in 2004.  Which is better?  I don't know.

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