april 30, 2006

Upgrading ultramookie.com to Fedora Core 5
I'm currently upgrading the server from Fedora Core 4 over to Fedora Core 5. There are some hiccups that I'm trying to iron out, so the server may go up and down (what? You think I can afford a redudant server or something? Heh.) Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience. I'll post about when the server is in a more stable state. Update:  Ok, I think the server is finally in a stable state.  The actual installation of FC5 from CDs took about 45 minutes.  The pain came when I did the first "yum update" for the system to get it working -- I use mod_security and exim, which aren't on the CD and need to come from Fedora Extras.  The crazy update took almost three hours to do 129 packages!  Yikes!  It did some sort of transaction test that ate up all of the CPU cycles and all of the available RAM (I shutdown services and gave it about 500MB of RAM!)  Anyways, other than that, the upgrade was really painless (I did have to modify two conf files, one for Apache and one for SpamAssassin).  Let me know if there is any funkiness with the system.

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