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may 1, 2006

Insert Explicative of Choice Apache + PHP on Fedora Core 5 is not very stable. I'm getting a bit annoyed. The combo keeps throwing Segmentation Fault (11) at odd random times. I have started turning off PHP modules to see if it is one of them that is causing it. The first to go is eaccelerator (which after some research, may be the culprit). I'll have to see if that cures the seg fault issues. So much for living on the bleeding edge! Update: So far, so good with eaccelerator turned off. No seg faults so far -- and the server has been busy. I am going to see if I can use Zend Optimizer or something (I was using that before, but eaccelerator came with FC5, so I thought I could give eaccelerator a shot). Update 2:  Installed Zend Optimizer and setup queue_cache in mysql.  Hopefully, a little tweaking will go a long way.  I'll find some other tweaks later.

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