may 2, 2006

So, I was thinking that my FC5 installation of LAMP was a bit slow, but as it turns out, there was a different cause.  When I looked at the other domains that run on this box (kim-kong.com and mookiesplace.org), their PHP and MySQL speeds were fantastic.  Page rendering was very quick (when I tested with ab).  But, when it came to ultramookie.com, the page rendering was painfully slow! It took less than a second to render kim-kong.com, but took some 15 to 20 seconds to render ultramookie.com.  Why?  When I looked at top during the page render, mysql was floating to the top with 99% CPU usage!  Gah!  Not good, something was bottlenecking with the database, but what was it? It turns out that I was running a bunch of stats tracking plugins for WordPress.  Once I turned these suckers off...wham!  Page rendering was at less than a second for ultramookie.com.  I don't think I'll bother to figure out which stats tracking plugin it was because I don't really use them anymore.  But, I am glad that the page is rendering much quicker now.  Enjoy the speed!

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