Wah! It is not Fair!

may 2, 2006

Yea, yea. Cry to someone who cares Google. Google is crying that Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer 7 will be biased towards Microsoft's own search engine. Google complains that it will be hard to change the default search engine in IE7. Google complains that Microsoft should let the user choose what search engine to be default when the start using the browser. And finally they complain that their research has shown that users rarely change from what is defaulted to them. Strangely enough, when you download and use a Mozilla product (say Firefox or Camino), there is no way to change the default search engine when you first launch the browser. The default is...yes...Google! With an open-source product like Firefox, I hope to see Google engineers going in and changing the way that Firefox starts up for the first time: Let the user choose the default search engine. Do you want to use MSN? Do you want to use Yahoo? Do you want to use Google? Will Google do that? No way. Google has come out saying, "We don't think it's right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN. We believe users should choose." Ha! What a bunch of hypocrites. Lets see you go and incorporate that change into an open-source product first Google, show us with your actions, not your whining. Stop your hypocritical whinging, it is hurting my ears.

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